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The country's leading provider of unique upscale real estate developments, specializes in the creation of themed, luxury residential properties.  Whether it is condominium developments or residential communities, they are crafted with an eye to detail and inspired by world areas of acclaimed beauty. Brittany provided lifescpaces - places where one can thrive, living a life that's full, in a style that goes beyond the commonplace.


Brittany's Finished Projects

brittany corporation finished projects

Filipinos can enjoy the old-world atmosphere of San Francisco, the classic architectural lines of Italian cities, the vast plantations of the American South, or the pine-scented breeze of Switzerland by purchasing a home in one of Brittany’s flagship community projects.  The Courtyards of Portofino; the Grand Quartier at Crosswinds; Victorianne at Lakefront; The Mansions of Georgia Club; these and more than 20 other master-planned communities in Brittany’s portfolio of developments have set the standards for living at the luxury end of the spectrum.


With master planned developments made with thematic appeal, rich architectural details and excellent craftsmanship, Brittany continues to successfully reinvent the local real estate landscape.

Brittany's Present Projects

brittany corporation present projects


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