Ms. Marjorie Pyrrhon

I would like to thank most and for most Ms Connie Melby, for being so patient and courteous.  One thing that I admire with Ms.Melby is that she takes time when guiding you through the necessary steps that you need when making an investment to buy a condo. I notice from the very beginning when I myself had spoken briefly over the telephone with her how much of an honest and straight forward of a person she is, and that I have know doubts of her what so ever. I truly would recommend her to all my colleagues and business entrepreneur leaders, in all aspects of the way. I was so fortunate when choosing Ms Melby to be my realestate agent. I find her to be very friendly and professional. I look forward to meeting Ms.Melby in the near future once my condo is done with the construction. May God bless you always and keep up the fantastic job you have been doing. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate all you"ve done for me. I love you Connie. Many thanks!!! - From Marjorie Pyrrhon, Staten Island, NY USA