Mr Kenneth Mike Gout

As a former Marine Engineer Officer with Nedlloyd Lines I have been in the Philippines quit a lot of times. After I retire in about twelve years time I want to live in South East Asia and Manila is a good place for that. So I thought buy a condo in Manila. I have been searching the internet and found the site of Mrs. Melby and contacted her. I have asked enquiries about several projects and always got a prompt reaction. Now I have bought a condo with her help and she guides me through all the legal documentation and payments. There I no worry as to the exact amount with is transferred because she mails me a copy for every statement. I have to let my unit out until I can use it myself and even with that she will help me if I need her help. All this is very reassuring and for possible future investments I will not hesitate and contact her again. - Kenneth Mike Gout, Collierstraat  1336 SJ Almere, the Netherlands