Georgia Club, Southern American Colonial Homes in Sta. Rosa

With Brittany's Georgia Club and Augusta, Sta. Rosa grows into an easy choice

It’s easy to dismiss Laguna or any ‘province’ in the south as an inconvenient place to live, though many would probably agree that it holds some of the most worthwhile investment opportunities in real estate. This notion has clearly changed over recent years with the development of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, which is now dubbed as a first-class city.

As we have come to realize, along with the improvement of major thoroughfares going to the south, Sta. Rosa is not at all far from Manila. Exactly 38 kilometers away via SLEX, Sta. Rosa holds many suburban residential communities. It is home to many professionals who travel to Metro Manila daily to work. These days, however, residents hardly have any need to go anywhere else — their city is growing fast and it continues to develop both as a residential and commercial gold mine.

Schools such as the Ateneo MBA School, St. Scholastica’s Academy, De La Salle, Brent and the upcoming UST are located near major subdivisions. The city also has a thriving central business district that houses a number of multinational corporations — it is being pegged as the Makati of the South. But most crucial to the Sta. Rosa’s growth is the increase in world class communities in the area, two of them are Brittany developments: Georgia Club and Augusta.

Brittany Developments: The Cream Of The Crop

Enjoy the amenities and al fresco dining spaces at Georgia Club Peachtree Clubhouse.

With all the different developments in Sta. Rosa, Brittany properties have been most sought after by investors and would-be homeowners primarily because of what the brand represents: exclusivity. When we think about the suburbs, we think of underdeveloped areas with not much to offer. And when it comes to describing subdivisions in the suburbs, the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘luxurious’ hardly ever come up.

Brittany has successfully crushed this impression by going grand; that is, building some of the most exclusive, premier subdivisions in Sta. Rosa, almost comparable to those that we can find in the city. These developments include Belle Reve, Fontamara, Promenade, Augusta, and Georgia Club, all of which have already given homeowners a taste of luxury and are no different from the ones they have in Metro Manila. Belle Reve, Fontamara, Promenade, Augusta, and Georgia Club are all located between two of the country’s most prestigious golf courses, the Country Club and the Sta. Elena Golf Club.

These developments stand out from the rest because they are already existing subdivisions where you can already move-in, as opposed to developments that are yet to be built.

Families have already moved in to their houses, which is a good thing for investors — you don’t have to imagine what the subdivision would be like when it’s finished; you can see it for yourself. It also has a high regard for the environment, which is why you’ve probably seen century-old trees within its subdivisions. While other new developments are all about the future, Brittany takes pride in its ability to maintain the old-world charm and quaint details that makes a house a home; a community worth living in.

Meet Georgia And Augusta

Georgia Club main gate

Georgia Club and Augusta, two of Brittany’s most recent developments, can be likened to your archetypal southern belle — both are down-to-earth, classic beauties with natural charm and colourful personalities. Both are fitting additions to the south’s suburban lure, but are also very much in step with modern developments found in the city.

Georgia Club, is a 15-hectare community inspired by the American South. Here, you’ll see southern charm in every detail: white picket fences, colourful shutters on French windows, brightly-colored doors, and inviting front porches. The development itself is a sprawling woodland with over 1,200 trees that are all over 50 years old, including Narra, Mahogany, Acacia, and Gmelina. According to the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, over 25 different species of birds can be found in Georgia Club.

Amenities include the Peachtree Clubhouse, which has al-fresco dining areas and an outdoor barbecue pit; a swimming pool and convertible basketball and tennis court; and the charming Daisy Park, which is a perfect place for kids to play and enjoy the environment. With the infrastructure already in place, homeowners have already moved in and are already enjoying the ‘southern’ life.

The Georgia Club Fairfax model home perfectly captures the charm of the south.

Augusta is also a 15-hectare community just adjacent to Georgia Club. It is a development of custom home sites where you can build the colonial home of your dreams. There are a variety of cuts, so you can easily find one that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Imagine No More: Meet Your Dream Home Today

Brittany has taken the guesswork out of property scouting with Georgia Club and Augusta, both established developments in Sta. Rosa where homeowners already happily residing. Brittany has made investing in a home of your own almost as easy as moving in.



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