Dra. Czarina Leah Castaneda Manalili,MD

Early this year, my husband and I agreed to invest on a condo unit in Manila in preparation for college life of our 4 kids. We started searching through the internet, comparing one condominium with another, discussing details like location, amenities, accessibility, and most especially the amount and the payment schemes. In a matter of 2 weeks we were able to meet with several agents from different condominium properties. Each one did their best to sell their estates to us. But every time, we went home with more questions than answers, more confused than enlightened. We even came close to dropping the whole idea. It was at this moment that we prayed for guidance and direction. We searched the internet once more with the thought that it would be our last try. It was then that we saw this agent for Espana Grand Residences. We communicated with her and we agreed on a specific date for a meeting. I will never forget the first question she asked,” What is your purpose for buying a condo unit?"That answered, she went on to ask one question after another, apparently leading us to zero in on what we actually want based on what we actually need and on our actual paying capacity. We signed the contract that very day. WHY? The answer is simple. We finally met one agent who went out of her way to help us in our decision-making. Here was an agent who gave honest answers to our questions. There were no pretences. There were no high pressured sales talks, just genuine, realistic discussion of the pros and cons of each idea. Would I do business with her again? YES, I would. I don't have second thoughts in referring Ms CONNIE MELBY of the manilapremiercondos to my friends and colleagues. One word for Ms Melby- EXCELLENT! - Dra. Czarina Leah Castaneda Manalili,MD, Ma. Urquico St., Aquino Subd, Tarlac City