Choose Your Community Village

Master Plan & Villas

The Antel Grand Village has been built literally from the ground up. Each AGV home site is placed in balance with natural landscaping, walking trails and conservation areas. Quiet street meander pass villas and estate homes among the vines.

Grand Catalina

A convenient and friendly AGV residential village that offers a venue for a growing community. With guaranteed 24/7 security, like the other sites, every family is provided a safe environment, without compromising accessibility and comfort. view availability»

Grand Pasadena

Built with the goal of accommodating growing families, this village assures living in a community with an environment-friendly landscape area and secures families through allowance in between houses enough to keep privacy, but not too far to give an opportunity in building friendship in the neighborhood. view availability»

Grand Oakridge

Grand Oakridge is the pinnacle of quality homes found in the heart of Cavite. Designed for blissful living for you and your family, choose between Sofia, Daniella, Isabel and Martina, houses built and inspired to reflect the beauty and timelessness of their Spanish-Mediterranean counterparts. view availability»