Be the Landlord of your own investment!

Investing condominium at university belt Manila has become increasingly popular over the last twenty years and has become a common investment vehicle. This condominium provides an investor with the benefits of leverage. Paying for your mortgage?  Rent-out your unit and let the tenant help you pay the mortgage.


University Tower P Noval ... NOW ON PRE-SELLING STAGE...

Offers great investment opportunities to investors.


It is rare to find a perfect balance of form and function in the city, especially for college students who opt to stay within the university area. More often than not, they find themselves stuck in dorms and apartments with drab interiors, shabby services, and broken-down amenities.


Looking for the perfect dwelling right in the heart of a busy and demanding metropolis can be daunting. But despite the numerous obstacles, there are plenty of available options around the area. Learn More »»