878 Espana Camella Condo Homes - Pre-Selling


Living in a dormitory can be extraordinary


Say goodbye to drab walls, cramped spaces, limited facilities and mediocre services. Your student life can take up a million notches higher with high-quality living conditions that make you feel like royalty.



Check location. The primary selling point of this condominium is its location as condos are known to provide convenience to its residents. It conveniently accessible to all establishments, mall, universities, church and hospital.


Rental Business. If you have a sole intention to rent it out in the future, 878 Espana Condo is just the right investment. Chances are your number one tenants are surely nearby students and office workers.


Moreover, if you plan to make passive income out of rental income in the future, you can make it as a self-liquidating asset. What you can do is pay required down payment before turn over, look for a tenant who will rent it, and use the rental income to pay your remaining amortization. In this case, the monthly rental will offset your monthly amortization.


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