Reservation to Buying Procedure

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Thank you for your interest to our properties online. As your Real Estate Sales Professionals, we will see to it that you'll get the personalized service you deserve.  You’ll also get faster responses to questions you may have.  We will guide you step by step on your purchase.

Step 1: Choose Your Unit. You will choose a property you like. This is after you have browsed some information from our website and have communicated with us concerning a specific condominium project. You may request an actual price of the unit, or detailed information including quotation with detailed payment terms and conditions.  Details Include: Project  Name, Unit Type, Unit Details, Unit Size/Area, Unit Total Contract Price.

STEP 2: Reserve your unit to the account details below. After choosing your property, you can reserve it through online banking system. Upon your request, or when you signify intention to purchase, your Real Estate Sales Professional will send you an advice to deposit together with the bank details of the developer. These details should include the following:  Details Include: Developer’s Account Name, Account Number, Bank Name, Bank Address, Swift Code or Routing Number

  • Make the deposit for the reservation fee (on any bank in your local area known internationally to send money to the Philippines) direct to the account of the developer. Please keep your deposit slip as proof of payment. Clearing period usually takes 3 to 4 days.
  • Send a copy of your deposit slip duly signed by the bank officer or machine validated via email attachment at including a copy of your valid identification card. A copy of this deposit slip will be used to show to the developer that you made a deposit to their account.
  • **Reservation fee is NON REFUNDABLE and valid for 30 days only. Failure to submit required documents within 30 days will cause for AUTOMATIC CANCELLATION of reservation.

Step 3: Fill up the Forms. You are then requested to send this document with your signature on them via email attachment or through fax transmittal. Please note that this online processing of documents is for the purpose of reservation only. The Reservation Agreement will be signed by the developer as your preliminary contract [you will be given a copy for your record]. This will make the developer decide to keep the property you want in your name for at least 30 days while completing your requirements to purchase.

We will e-mail, the Reservation Application Form and Buyer’s Information Sheet for signing and filling up of necessary information.the following documents must be submitted within 30 days:

Step 4: Submission of Standard Requirements - Incomplete requirements might delay the processing of your Contract to Sell. 

INITIAL REQUIEREMENTS (For Cash, Deferred Cash, and All other Types of Financing)

  1. Reservation Form           
  2. Reservation Fee              
  3. Photocopy of Passport or any government issued valid ID (for all names appearing in the Contract)         
  4. Any Proof of Tax Identification Number -TIN (for all names appearing in the Contract) with duly filled-out BIR Form 1904           

Please make sure to submit all the above documents within 30 days from the reservation date.

Step 5: Contract to Sell The Contract to Sell will be processed once you paid at least 20% of the total contract price provided all necessary documents have been submitted to the developer.  We will send the original contract papers to you by post mail.

When you receive the mailed original documents, and after reading and affixing your signatures on these documents, you are requested to mail them back to our address (will be emailed to you). Mailing time for this is also expected to be two (2) weeks.

After we receive the signed original contracts from you via post mail, these documents will be handed over to the developer who will affix their signature/s and then have these documents notarized by a lawyer. You can then expect to receive a copy of the notarized contract.

We would appreciate very much your communication with us for whatever are not clear to you or if you have further concerns regarding purchasing of units.