Guide in Purchasing a Home

guide in purchasing a home at manila best homes

1. Study & Analyze»

Gather the facts, ask yourself what you want to buy & why you want to buy, it should fit your purpose for it. Start the process by analyzing your needs; list down the most important factors that you consider are essential in buying a home. Narrow down the many properties in the market.  Is it for a large family or just for you?   Take advantage of all of the information that is available on this website.

2. Select & Choose»

You should know what factors to consider when choosing your home.  Are you interested in Condominiums, Residential lots or house and lot or Townhomes?  Consider location when you choose.  Think of the kind of neighborhood that will suit your needs.  Think of the amenities, accessibilities to transportation, schools, medical facilities, shopping malls and market.  There are lots to choose.  Find the perfect home for you. Choose.

3. Contact Us»

Don’t take chances of doing the transaction on your own.  Real estate is never bought and sold on your own even you handle the majority of transaction yourself.  You still need interaction with others due to Legal and financial considerations.  We are ready and able to assist you, call us or send us email.

4. Review the details»

Study financial options available and understand the legal and documentary requirements.  Find different payment options suits your finances.  With a range of properties and payment options available, almost everybody can own a property. Gather all your documents. Visit your bank and check if you can comply with the requirements.

5. Purchase Now»

Ready to buy? The following will show you how you can close the deal and become a new homeowner.

  • We will present to you the sample computation of the property
  • Confirm the chosen unit
  • Check the availability
  • Fill in the Reservation Form
  • Pay the Reservation Fee
  • Submit the required documents [lists of requirement]

6. Post purchase»

Every once in a while, we keep in touch and sends you updates like construction details. As much as possible, we like to meet your expectations and even exceed them.

Our responsibility is up to the turn-over of your home and even after the turn-over should you need our services on real estate investment we are available at your service.