Convenience Finds A Home in Brittany’s CrossWinds

A charming Swiss chalet now houses a store of convenience for residents of Brittany’s CrossWinds. Finds Village Store recently opened its doors within the Swiss-themed resort haven in Tagaytay. Also carrying the architectural details of dwellings typical in the Alps which have inspired the sprawling property, the two-floor shophouse evokes the look of a picturesque chalet with shuttered windows, massively ornate balconies and flowerboxes overflowing with red blooms. It offers a variety of grocery items, prepared meals and sweet treats all within easy reach.

Opening the doors to its first customers were Vista Land officers Gerry Navarete, Jing Serrano and Brittany COO Camille Villar who welcomed the many guests into the store. Also present in the event were Marketing Head Nova Noval, plus the Brittany sales network and staff, who joined the residents of CrossWinds in browsing through the shelves for a quick shopping expedition.

“This year marks the beginning of the condotel operations of Grand Quartier,” Brittany’s COO Camille Villar explained. “We’re going to have guests in and out and we wanted to provide them with everyday conveniences that’s why we decided to start with the store so that all the residents here would have a place to go to, to pick up things that they need.”

Finds Village Store, however, is just the beginnings of what will become a retail complex inside the property which will service not just the development but its surrounding areas as well.

“Set to rise in this area is a Swiss Village designed by foreign architects RTKL – the same firm that designed the Staple Center,” she enthused. “The store is just the first part of a very big masterplanned commercial area. We will be moving the Christmas Store here. This year, we will also be launching the event lawn where people can have weddings, the chapel, and retails shops and restaurants at the end of the year – all to complement the hotel services.”

The commercial area will be occupying 1.5 hectares which will also include recreational facilities such as a zipline, spa and a variety of activities to service the different requirements of the guests.The day also marked the launch of Grand Quartier 3 – a mid rise condominium development with 150 units. Villar revealed that the target is to build a total of 15 condominium buildings in response to the growing demand for a second home away from the traffic, pollution and stress of Metro Manila.

CrossWinds is a 100-hectare master planned community  located in Tagaytay. Swiss chalets with interiors designed around the great room concept, ornate balconies overlooking the terrain, and 20,000 pine trees perfuming the air all come together to create this charming haven just 7 minutes away from the Tagaytay Rotunda – the city’s prime hub where the most popular restaurants, activity areas, hotels and casinos are clustered. Tagaytay’s proximity to Manila has made is a favored weekend destination, with day-trippers choosing the shorter drive to this green city rather than a road trip to the summer capital in Baguio.

CrossWinds offers prime amenities including a swimming pool, view deck and pocket parks and gardens. Premium utilities include underground cable for power and communication, deep wells and water reservoir for round-the-clock water supply, and a professional management team to ensure that the property is well maintained.

“We’re in the phase of developing the amenity areas and commercial areas – things that the current residents and future residents can enjoy,” Villar added. “But there is still so much more to come! And we look forward to unveiling developing more and more area within the property to continue servicing the needs of this rapidly growing community.”

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