Brittany’s CrossWinds to offer Serviced Apartment Program

Waking up to the fresh scent of pine with a breath-taking 360-degree view of lush green terrain of Tagaytay with a Swiss-inspired village that can be described as a story-book come to life is truly the most wonderful reason to call Brittany’s CrossWinds home. Indeed, it is almost impossible to resist the idea of living amongst thousands of pine trees perfuming the air, the beautiful architecture reminiscent of vacation homes in the Alps and the finest amenities that have been carefully thought of and finely crafted to provide a haven of serenity. Recently, however, Brittany added another reason to the list.  A home in CrossWinds now also offers opportunities.

Brittany recently introduced its latest partnership with Hospitality International Inc. (HII), which is envisioned to provide a new avenue for unit owners to make the most out of their investments. In essence, the Grand Quartier Serviced Apartment Program will take the individually-owned condominium units and pool them together to operate as a hotel.

“This is something that we at Brittany and VistaLand, its holding company, thoroughly studied and explored because we understand exactly how valuable an investment a home is to its owner. Anything that could possibly affect the value of our developments – of which the value of the unit or homeowner’s investments are directly tied to –is a priority and is always taken seriously. This program is envisioned to enhance the property, raise its value and offer a premium to the owners. We are truly very proud to be able to offer this option to our unit-owners,” said Brittany Chief Operating Officer Camille Villar.

Villar further explained that the search for a partner in this endeavor was a major undertaking. They wanted to be assured that the program would be run according to the highest standards that Brittany prides itself in its own undertakings to ensure that the interests of both the CrossWinds development itself and the individual owners of the units at Grand Quartier are secured. Thus, the choice of HII.

Though a relatively young company, HII is operating six properties: two condominium hotels, two residential condominiums, and one condormitel – a track record with unit-owners attesting to the quality of their operations and the value they provide. Being very discerning in the properties they manage is an integral part of their success and HII president Luis Monserrat can only speak of his excitement when discussing the Grand Quartier Serviced Apartments program. 

“This is a testament to VistaLand’s commitment to provide new investments for its unit owners. The goal is to enhance asset valuation. We are presenting this as an option so that clients can get the most out of their assets which, in this case, are the units themselves,” Monserrat explained.

Under the program, unit owners will essentially serve as partners in the operation – investing in the furnishing and design of their property according to the guidelines that HII set to achieve a consistent look. HII will then handle the operation by tapping into their clientele who are in search of unique properties to lease in the same manner that a 5-star hotel would rent out a room. The profits will be divided among those enrolled in the program.

“For our part, we at Brittany are thoroughly committed to this program. From the beginning, we asked HII what was needed of us to make this a success,” said Villar. “We have been and will continue to add amenities to ensure this. As I said, we understand exactly how much our unit owners value their properties because that is also exactly how much we value every single development that bears our name. What we are offering in this program is an opportunity. We are not merely providing a home. Through this program, we will now also be offering a chance to enhance the value of your investments.”

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