Antel Grand Village Clubhouse

The Antel Grand Village Clubhouse's Water Park is the grandest recreation site in this side of Cavite. It has nine (9) gazebos and seven (7) interconnected swimming pools: a white sand Beach Pool with two (2) water slides, Lap Pool with submerged sun loungers and relaxing water jets, Activity Game Pool with water jets, Spa Pool with four (4) Massage Beds, Party Pool with sunken Pool Bar and bubble jets, Fountain Pool, and Children's Pool with bubble jets.

Antel Grand Village Waterpark Features


  Kids want to run around all the time. We have a lot of fun recreational sites in this area where your little loved ones can make friends.

SPA Pool

  The Massage pool beds have submerged pool benches and water jets that massage you while you relax.

Pool Slides

  For the adventurous ones who are not afraid of the water, we have installed slides to add some spice to your waterpark experience!

Lap Pool

  The Lap Pool is 25 meters long, half the size of the Olympic Pool for the sports enthusiasts who want to do daily swim laps.

Party Pool

  The Party Pool has a sunken bar and seats submerged in the water. You can enjoy cool refreshing drinks and snacks with friends without having to leave the pool.

Kiddie Pool

  Enjoy some quality time with the kids. You can also teach them how to swim!

Activity Game Pool

  Play games without leaving the water park. This vast water facility will give you a lot of options for creative games by the pool.

Beach Pool

  This man-made white sand beach and tropical palm trees give you that island vacation vibe. Water slides, beach benches, and gazebos what more can you ask for?