The Inspiration: The courtyard Homes of Italy

Inspired by the courtyard homes of Old World Italy, Courtyards of Portofino is home to the Romance of life.

In the courtyards, you live under a canopy of sunny skies and starry nights. Days are bright and invigorating. Evenings are cool and refreshing. And it is all in the privacy of home.

It is the perfect setting for the life at its most passionate.

The Homes of Courtyards of Portofino: The Charm of the Old World

Courtyards of Portofino brings to life the spirit of the Old World. The courtyard homes take an elegance in design, as seen in the sun-drenched colors, the graceful archways, and quaint cupolas. Inside the courtyard serves as a private, open air sanctuary where sunny skies and starry nights serve as nature’s canopy.

The homes offer a choice of inner courtyards or side courtyards. Moreover, Courtyards of Portofino configures the courtyard homes within a bigger central courtyard. This courtyards within a courtyard concept is distinctly Britanny’s. At courtyards of Portofino, the homes have a rich character: the charm of the Old World.

Courtyards House Series at Portofino Alabang

Raffaelo Model Home

Italian-Inspired House and Lot for Sale within the gated community at Portofino Courtyards. Raffaelo House Details NRFO (Non-Ready for Occupancy) Residential House & Lot Package Floor Area : 292 sqm Min Lot Area : 354 sqm. Price starts at *Php 33,478,000 [updated July 27,...

Ghiberti Model Home

Italian-Inspired House and Lot for Sale within the gated community of Portofino Heights Ghiberti House Details NRFO (Non-Ready for Occupancy)  Residential House & Lot Package Total Contract Price: *Php38,443,000.00 [updated July 27, 2015] Standard Floor Area: 349 Sqm Lot Area:...