How does Investment with Hotel 101 Manila works?

You can invest by acquiring a piece of the hotel. Your owned room will be managed as part of Hotel 101 Manila, and as the owner you will have a yearly 30 days free use of the room, and enjoy your privilege in the hotel amenities and what its location can offer. Monthly, the 30% of the total gross sales less VAT will be equally divided among unit owners, and you will be paid on every 16th day after the end of each month.

Who are the people behind Hotel of Asia Inc.?

Hotel of Asia Inc. is comprised of three reputable companies; Injap Investments Inc., Oishi Liwayway Marketing Corp., and Staniel Realty & Development Corp.
Injap Investments Inc. operates Mang Inasal Phil. Inc. with 445 branches nationwide, and was founded by Mr. Edgar “Injap” Sia. Oishi Liwayway Marketing Corporation is the manufacturer of the highly-popular Oishi brand of food products that are being exported to Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.  Staniel Realty & Development Corporation is a full service, integrated, privately held developer, owner and operator of commercial real estate.
Hotel of Asia Inc. is also the master franchisee of Jin Jiang Inn, the biggest hotel operator in China.

How can we be assured that the monthly income that will be accredited to us is accurate?

Hotel of Asia Inc. will engage the services of one of the top 5 audit firms in the country to provide all the unit owners with a certified financial report twice a year.

What type of hotel will Hotel 101 Manila be?

Hotel 101 Manila will be a 3-star business hotel that will offer exceptional value-for-money  to today’s business or leisure travelers. As the name implies, it will be a practical place to stay while enjoying the convenience and accessibility of its location.

What will unit owners get as proof of ownership?

The room owners will get individual Condominium Certificate of Title ( CCT ).
This is a freehold property.

What is a Joint Venture Agreement?

A  Joint Venture Agreement is the document that formalizes the true partnership between the unit owner and the Hotel Operator which is Hotel 101 Management Corporation. As differentiated from a mere Memorandum of Agreement which usually is renewable every year, a Joint Venture Agreement assures a trouble-free and mutually-beneficial business relationship between all parties for at least Twenty-Five ( 25 ) years.

Who will shoulder maintenance costs?

The Hotel Operator will shoulder all operational costs such as electricity, water, security, maintenance, salaries and wages, etc. This will be drawn from the 70% share of the Hotel operator from Net Room Sales. This translates to roughly double earning levels for the unit owner as compared to traditional condotels.

Will the 70% share of the Hotel Operator be enough to realize profit ? Will it be viable to the Hotel Operator?

Yes of course. The very nature of the business concept ensures this. With no heavy-maintenance features like a ballroom, gym and sauna,etc., operating expenses will be very cost-effective thus making the 70% viable. In addition, unit owners participate only in ROOMS REVENUE. Any additional income ( valet parking, commercial spaces, billboard rentals, etc. ) will accrue exclusively to the Hotel operator.

Hotel 101 Manila: Important Information

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