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Advertising by Property Owners & Developers

We understand that you aim to sell your property/s in the shortest period of time for the highest price possible.

Manila Best Homes offers individual property seller reasonable and effective advertising options which will help you find a suitable buyer for your property.

We subscribed in a web service that connects real estate professionals with one another and with the most important real estate advertisers on the web.  This service allows us to advertise your listings on our websites, on many other local real estate websites, and on some of the busiest real estate marketplaces on the internet through syndication.

We will create a Single Webpage [per property] exclusively for your own property, coupled with photos and organized content. We will host them in our website, include in our listing, promote in the internet search engines, Facebook page and to other prospective buyers. View Sample here.

Buyers will contact you directly by phone or email, we will NOT collect commission.

We charge Php3,200.00 for 6 months advertisement per property

Ad Option: Front Page Feature

Let buyers around the world see your property ad really fast! Advertise the property on the front/main page of our websites under Sponsored Listings.

We charge Php1000.00 for 1 month Front Page Feature per property


We do not allow duplicate and conflicting property listings.  Manila Best Homes & University Belt Condos are an accredited broker from various developers in manila and other areas in the Philippines.  Thus, you may not list properties that we are already directly selling except for Re-Sale.